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About HASHMATS® Health

HASHMATS® Health was first formed in 2019, however prior to this was over 3 years of extensive research, development and formulation to manufacture state-of-the art Vitamins, Minerals and Food Supplements made with pharmaceutical grade technology in the UK.

The story starts a little earlier than that when a father, who has been working as a Pharmacist for over 30 years, came together with his two sons,  to try and tackle the questions that patients have always asked:

"Do my vitamins contain pork?"
"Are my vitamins Halal?"
"Are my Vitamins Vegetarian friendly?"
"Are they high quality?"
"Are my Vitamins made in the UK?"

From that day forwards, Team HASHMATS® was born along with the range of supreme quality Vitamins and Supplements made in the UK to GMP and ISO9001 standards, laboratory tested, manufacturing audited and carrying Halal and/or Vegetarian certifications by the appropriate accreditation boards. The range of high quality Vitamins and Supplements is now recommended in over 200+ UK Pharmacies and are available in selected countries worldwide locally. To learn more about the certifications and quality of the products, please click the tabs below.

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  • May be produced in Pork/Alcohol contaminated environments or contain non-halal animal based ingredients within the formulation
  • May not be manufactured in a certified quality controlled environment
  • Misleading Marketing; may suggest only Gelatin Capsules are halal whilst other containing ingredients are not 
  • May be formulated without any medical expertise or input
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  • Entire manufacturing process is audited, every formulation is laboratory tested to be 100% Halal Certified.
  • Every product is certified to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Guidelines and the Worlds Leading Quality Management Standard (ISO9001).
  • Every capsule and every ingredient, in any product, is Halal. Most products are Vegetarian Society UK Approved. 
  • Every formulation is developed with Pharmacist Expertise and made with Pharmaceutical Grade Technology in the UK.